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Life is short. Love what you do.

1-on-1 strategy sessions, impact-focused resumes, and personalized interview prep for the modern job seeker.

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You're not alone

70% of Americans are not engaged in their jobs.

Gallup's State of American Workforce Report

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Hours spent per day on job search

U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics

Job searching is hard

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Resumes received for each corporate job posting

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It's tough to stand out

Ignite your job search the easy way


Staying in a job you don't like is unhealthy. Strategize with a Career Muse to land a role where you can really thrive.

- 1:1 strategy sessions tailored to your career needs
- Job search, interview, networking, or career discussion
- Strategy review & customized recommendations
- Simple scheduling tool to prevent email or phone tag
- Evenings and weekend availability


Writing a resume can take forever. Make your life easier by hiring a Resume Muse to make you stand out from the crowd.

- Written by certified resume writers, reviewed by career experts
- Impact-focused content, keyword optimized to your target role
- Eye-catching, ATS-friendly designs that get past filters
- Resume enhancing deep dive
- Fast turnaround with Word, PDF, and ASCII formats


Interviewing is stressful, especially if it's been awhile. Perfect your interview performance and make them say "you are hired"

- Video-recorded practice with top interview questions
- Unlimited access to keep on improving your skills
- Mobile-friendly interface: rehearse anytime, anywhere
- Digital interview feedback (based on pricing tier)
- Mock interview with role experts (based on pricing tier)

Create the career you want

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"I honestly don't think I would've gotten this great job at Amazon if it weren't for Career Muse. They gave me the tools required to secure an offer from a leading tech company."

- Nusaibah K., Brand Specialist
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"My favorite aspect of the service is how personalized it is."

- Jess F., Business Associate
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"I could absolutely tell the coaching enhanced my interview skills. I progressed to the next step with nearly every company and recently accepted an offer with one of my top picks."

- Suneel G., Senior Product Manager
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"I got immediate results with my Career Muse resume."

- Brian H., Managing Principal
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"My resume got lots of attention and the coaching got me through one of the toughest interviews I've ever faced. Results? I accepted the job offer!"

- Anna W., Senior Program Manager
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"The peace of mind going into interviews was priceless."

- Chris S., Account Director
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Been there, done that - we've got your back

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  • Worked at Amazon for 4 years without crying at his desk
  • Earned a double master's at MIT, then lost all of his hair
  • Conducted hundreds of interviews from winners to total flops... started Career Muse

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  • Worked at the world's largest HR solutions provider, Adecco, her entire career and lived to tell the story
  • Screened thousands of job seekers, still has her hair
  • Reviewed tons of bad resumes... started Career Muse

You have a team of experts behind you

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Career Muses

"Professional feedback is like gold when you're on a job search. Career muses have specific expertise in the tech industry and truly want to help you grow. This is super valuable when you want to take your career to the next level."

- Steve B., Career Muse
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Resume Muses

"Certified writers help you uncover what you've accomplished and the impact you've made. Creating your brand starts with having a story to tell. They are experts in making your resume pop so you can get the attention you deserve."

- Anya P., NCRW, Resume Muse
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Machine Muses

"0011... beep... 1010... beep... 0110... I take the headache out of your job search. My clever algorithms synthesize your needs and preferences to find the best job fit for you. That translates into more time doing the things you love."

- Camille B., Machine Muse

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